Orin Laney, PE NCE
Motto: "Anything below 10MHz is audio."

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Orin Laney

Orin Laney is the owner and president of Atwood Research.  The business is involved in consulting in the areas of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and signal integrity (SI), the design of magnetic components such as inductors and transformer, and manufacturing of custom products.  He also travels to teach public and private seminars on design for signal integrity, EMC compliance, magnetic components, and other topics in electrical engineering.

Atwood Research was originally founded in Yorba Linda, CA. As owner and chief technologist, Mr. Laney launched a line of computer video products and led the company into exponential growth.  Milestones included national marketing campaigns, publication of a catalog and development of a 12,000 name mailing list, as well as participation in various trade show exhibitions, and various technical and opinion articles published in the trade press.

Mr. Laney formerly was a Principal Engineer at Rockwell Collins in San Jose and the division specialist for EMC and SI.  His duties included high speed mixed signal design, internal consulting and training, and proposal and white paper efforts.  He became known for his insights into project and personnel issues. Under Rockwell´┐Żs aegis, in 2003 he earned the EMC industry standard registration as an iNARTE certified EMC engineer and in 2005 he was admitted into registration as a Professional Engineer in the State of California.

Prior to his first business launch Mr. Laney was a on the corporate staff of RCA. During his service at RCA he performed combined technical and business studies in such areas as product line marketing strategies, manufacturing cost reduction programs, and financial models for proposed new business areas.

Mr. Laney has served as an advisor for San Jose City College, as a science fair judge, as assistant treasurer for an IEEE EMC Symposium, and a motivational speaker for at-risk high school students. He travels regularly to speak at college campuses on behalf of the IEEE on such topics as career management, intellectual property rights, and starting a business.

An engineering graduate of the University of Maryland in 1974, Mr, Laney obtained his MBA from Brigham Young University in 1980.

Orin E. Laney, PE, NCE
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