Biography & CV

Orin Laney MSEE, MBA, PE, NCE

Mountain View, California
Motto: “Anything below 10MHz is audio.”

Orin E. Laney is an experienced and accomplished electrical engineer. In addition to consulting, he teaches public and private seminars on design for signal integrity (SI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulatory compliance, magnetic components, and other topics in electrical engineering. Resources include an R&D facility and a manufacturing line for custom products and magnetic components such as inductors and transformers.

As a design generalist, Professor Laney has worked in a wide range of technologies. Example projects include a bubble detector for liquid hydrogen fuel lines for rocketry, a helmet mounted miniature LCD display and angle tracking electronics for aircraft pilots, aerospace ablation detectors with signal averaging and associated telemetry, radio communications, HD video and other specialty video processors including composite video decoding and parallel to field sequential RGB conversion, video cameras for tactical aircraft, microwave rate serial digital communications, and studio electronics for teleprompting.

Work on medical devices includes contactless nerve stimulation using pulsed magnetic fields (electrostimulation), electromyography processing electronics, an ultra-miniature endoscopic TV camera for a surgical application, signal integrity verification of a proton therapy machine, signal integrity and power architecture of an X-ray CAT scanner, design of both A and B-scan format ultrasound imaging equipment for ophthalmic use, and precision nanosecond time-gated photon detection and averaging for DNA analysis.

Professor Laney was for a number of years a Principal Engineer at Rockwell Collins, where he was the designated division specialist for EMC and SI matters. Duties included high speed mixed signal design, internal consulting and training, and proposal and white paper efforts. Under Rockwell’s aegis, he earned certification as an EMC engineer in 2003, followed by licensure as a Professional Engineer in the State of California in 2005.

Communication skills include extensive writing and public speaking experience. Other experience includes expert witness work in patent litigation, including technical research and report generation, deposition experience, and trial experience.

Education, Credentials, and Affiliations
BSEE University of Maryland 1974
MBA Brigham Young University 1980
MSEE San Jose State University 2013
Licensed Professional Engineer (PE), California E17545
Certified Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineer iNARTE EMC-002500-NE
Certificate in CNC Machining, De Anza College 2016
Writing for the Sciences, Coursera/Stanford U. (with distinction)
Course graduate: 510(k) approval of medical devices
Life Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE)
IEEE-USA National Speaker List
Vice Treasurer, 2004 IEEE International EMC Symposium
Chapter Chair, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
Member, IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society
Member, IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society,
Member, past chairman IEEE-USA Intellectual Property Committee
Life Member, American Mensa
Amateur radio license AF6EE

Example Technical Publications
Tutorial on High Frequency Magnetic Devices, Wireless Systems Design Conference, 2002
Arc Lamp Safety presentation to IEEE-PSES, 2006
Using a Power Transformer at a Frequency It Wasn’t Designed For, EDN Magazine, March 2012
Analysis and Application of Transmission Line Conductors, SJSU Thesis, 2013